Operations Assistant 1

Aspire Insurance Services is looking for a Operations Assistant to join our enthusiastic team of professionals. This position performs essential functions for the company. If you thrive on challenge, possess high energy, & want to excel, you are the candidate we want! Competitive pay plus Benefits and PTO! Apply now!


  1. Perform a broad range of administrative and planning functions that involve filing, ordering office supplies, preparing letters, reports, minutes and related materials from notes as well as, complex and technical operations work.; Consults with various personnel on the printing, and/or mail services needed;
  2. Responsible for new office set ups; nameplate on assigned space and office supplies;
  3. Running Company errands;
  4. Support for onsite activities;
  5. Responsible for all aspects of collection and delivery of mail and interoffice mail including but not limited to: Pick-up and delivery all mail from the post office and coordinating mail receipts, sort mail using computer-based software, Deliver and pick-up Picks up mail from each department, sorts interoffice mail, prepares outgoing mail by weighing and applying proper postage, preparing certified letters and packages in accordance with US Postal requirements;
  6. Maintains records indicating each department’s postage usage, and provides billing information to finance and statistical records of work completed;
  7. Compose business correspondence for supervisors, managers and professionals;
  8. Correspond with insured or agent to obtain information or inform them account status or changes;
  9. Examine letters from policyholders or agents, original insurance applications, and other company documents to determine if changes are needed and effects of changes;
  10. Modify, update, and process existing policies to reflect any change amount of coverage or type of insurance;
  11. Review and verify data, such as age, name, address on insurance applications and policies;
  12. Transcribe data to worksheets and enter data into computer for use in preparing documents and adjusting accounts;
  13. Assist in the maintenance of printing equipment;
  14. Confirms status of mail deliveries using the Internet, as required;
  15. Drives company vehicle when picking up and delivering mail to the post office, loading, unloading truck;
  16. Other duties as assigned;



  1. 1+ years’ experience in print production or in a related area;
  2. Ability to manage increased levels of responsibility;
  3. Familiar with Microsoft Office; ability to use Internet and adapt to new software programs and changes in technology;
  4. Mechanical aptitude;
  5. Ability to set priorities and perform multiple tasks;
  6. Able to demonstrate ability to send and receive emails, find, open and save documents and files, perform data entry, send documents to pre-configured printer;
  7. Valid Class B or C license;
  8. 3 years verifiable driving experience;
  9. DMV/MVR record with 2 or less moving violations;
  10. Knowledge of policies, procedures and goals of assigned department;
  11. Knowledge of mail collection, processing and distribution procedures;
  12. Knowledge of United States Postal Service regulations for receiving, processing, metering and distributing mail;
  13. Skill in using automated postal processing equipment;
  14. Skill in accessing information and using database programs;
  15. Skill in preparing and maintaining accurate records and reports.


Only well-qualified candidates need apply

*Equal opportunity employer.

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